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Tanning is beau….bad for your health!

By Tiffani Mochet

When I arrived in Ireland, I was amazed by the beauty techniques of young women. Discolored hair, dark eyebrows, false eyelashes, false nails, but above all a more than tanned skin tone. While walking around the beauty shops, I also noticed many cosmetic products aimed at darkening women’s skin. Tanning is everywhere, on social networks, in magazines, on television, its presence is everywhere.
So I questioned myself where this fashion for fake tanning all year comes from.
In France, I have never seen so many products that tan all year, most of the time in late spring and early summer, they are used to give themselves a healthy glow or to prepare their skin for the sun.

Penneys of Dublin, tanning shelf.

But it is also recommended to consult your doctor if you want to use these types of products. Also for UV cabins, the number of sessions is a maximum of 10 per year. Professionals have a duty to inform their clients of the risks involved in this type of practice. The greatest danger remains skin cancer. Indeed, we all know that the sun’s rays are beneficial for our body, in particular, they fix vitamin D on our bones. But its rays contain UV rays that can be very dangerous for our skin. This is why it is necessary to have sun protection for all types of skin. Its sun lotions will already prevent the risk of sunburn but also the appearance of wrinkles for light skin and brown marks for dark skin. Sun protections do not prevent you from getting a tan but allow you to have a tanned complexion in complete safety by limiting the risks to your skin.
I know that in Ireland the sun is not always out, so its products are a plus for a tanned complexion. But having a tan in the middle of December unless you come back from the Bahamas no one believes it. And I think that this is a difference that I have noticed between France and Ireland, in France, we focus on the natural while in Ireland on the superficial.


Moreover, a new tanning method has arrived on the market, the self-tanner spray offered in tanning salons. This method does not contain UV, but there are other risks. Its components like DHA, dihydroxyacetone, which represents a risk when inhaled during sessions, and when absorbed into the epidermis and dermis of the skin it can have a mutagenic risk and changed the DNA of users. The FDA has banned its application to the face in view of the risks of DHA on the mucous membranes of the human body.

Spray tanning

For sunbeds, the World Health Organization tells us that the use of this technique increases the risk of developing skin cancer by 67% and the risk of developing melanoma by 20%.
The UV rays from sunbeds are more violent than the sun in the south of France when it is at its peak.
It is clearly not recommended, or even prohibited, for people with fair skin or freckles to use tanning beds.
If you have ever had skin cancer in your family avoid it too.

Recently in the black community, there has been a movement of self-acceptance, of acceptance of one’s skin color. Unlike in Ireland, many black women and men lighten their skin to have lighter skin. The criteria for beauty are different in different communities, but it is clear that the majority of women are never satisfied with who they really are. So influence from the media or others, who knows? But you have to accept yourself for who you are, the body positive is in fashion so why not the skin positive?


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